Wine Tasting at V ZUG

September 17, 2019

Wine Tasting at V ZUG

By personal invitation only


Wine Tasting with Strathbogie Estate and SwissCham at V-Zug


SwissCham's Board of Directors request the pleasure of your company

to attend exclusive Wine Tasting

Bruno Giger and his Wine making team

Light refreshments will be provided


Please note that this is an exclusive event 


is by personal invitation only

Strathbogie Estate was founded in 2018 by Sister and Brother Karin and Bruno Giger. Both Karin and Bruno are honoured and pleased to present their ‘Single Vineyard’ Wines from the Strathbogie Ranges. All the Grapes from their over 25 year old Vineyard are hand pruned and harvested, therefore producing an excellent variety of Wines.

Enjoy the Wines.

At the end of the Evening there is the opportunity to order the Wines, you have tasted, at a special price.


This Event has been organised by SwissCham in Cooperation with V ZUG and Stratghbogie Estate



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